Automatic Carton Over Wrapping Machine

Automatic Carton Over Wrapping Machine
Product Description

Automatic Carton Over Wrapping Machine – Sollas type Model

Product                Cartons

Purpose of the machine:  To Over Wrap Cartons with Heat Sealable BOPP Film 25 to 30 microns.

Description of operation •The Carton will be loaded manually or can be connected to Cartooning machine on the input conveyor (If the cartooning will be Horizontal type).

•              At the end of the conveyor, each Carton are separated by the main pusher and pushed to the wrapping station.

•              The film will be drawn and cut to the required size.

•              The Carton will pick up the film when pushed up to the wrapping station.

•              The flaps will be folded and sealed by Folder and heaters respectively.

•              The Ends will be folded by pair of Folders and sealed with heater body.


Scope of Supply :  Main Machine , Input Conveyor

1. Power Input: Total Power require 2.5 kW. III phase 440V

2. Motor :Non-flame proof, 1HP for Main Motor & 0.75KW Servo Motor for Film draw operation.

3. Air InpuT : 5 kg /cm2 (4 CFM) Dry Compressed Air.

4. Type of seal : One Side and two ends with Dot if require ( Total three Sides Seals) with overall 1KW heater capacity.

5. Packing material : Heat treated Biaxial Oriented Poly Propylene.(B.O.P.P.) 25 to 30 Microns thickness.

6. M/C suitable to : Wrap Any size, as given with the help of change parts.

7. Change over parts : Pusher Plate, Fingers (Tuckers), Folders, Heater Body Plates, SS Heater body Guides.

9. Ideal Output 30 - 35 Packs/Minute depending on the size of the carton.

10. Input conveyor : Endless type made of Shilon-40.

11. Conveyor  :      Dimensions    2 Mt. Long, 6” wide, 1/8 “Thick. ( Dimensions subject to change according to carton size)

12. Conveyor Drive: Through the machine/separate depending on the size & weight of the cartons.

13. Weight :        Approx. 650 Kg.

14. Footprints : As per Layout.


Special Features:

Flexibility : Machine suitable for changing over from one size to another. With the help of change over.

Ease of operation : The machine is designed for simple operation. Specially the change over which consists of maximum tool-less operation.

Change over: Easy and fast change over with simple parts.

Quality Over Wrap finish at par compared with any international machine.

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